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pvp Ark Universe 6 map ORP PvP cluster

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Ark Universe 6 map PvP cluster!

          Ark Universe
6map(Val, Ab, Rag, Ext,Center, Genesis) Weekend PvP ORP cluster! PvP with rules and goals of a community. Center has no orp 24/7 pvp.
Genesis is live!
PvP weekends only! Fast ORP timer through the week - Longer on weekends - one weekend a month purge-
5 person tribe limit
No structure wipes allowed
No tame wipes allowed
Open world PvP can be done anytime
Players stats changed are weight, fort, oxygen and stam, lowered food and water consumption
dinos stat changes are weight and slight stam
taming 16x
maturation 10x
incubation 40x
harvest 10x
xp 4x
Unlimited S+ pick up timer
all tames allowed on aberration
engrams auto unlock 
most tek unlocked at 100-105(raid items not auto unlocked i.e. tek rifle, tek turret)
stack mod on most items
Medium carnivores drop kibbles and other consumables! Saber, bary, dire wolf, angler, scorpion, thyla, thorny 
Different events planned including loot bases and alpha loot increases. 
No admins. We will play legit and only use admin during events. 
Will be a 10 slot ab 10 slot ext and 20 slot rag and val servers will increase if needed.
No pay to win. Donations will always be posted in discord and very appreciated, Server boosts will be available so no money will come directly to us.  
*We hope you can find a new ark home here where you dont have to worry about waking to having nothing left. This is still pvp but we enforce rules that will keep damage low and tames killed minimal. We have a wonderful discord community so please feel free to pop in and say hey!*
Link to discord https://discord.gg/uVFRGfa 
Any questions please message Galaxy or Cookie on discord or message me directly on xbox gt: iabysmalgalaxyi
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