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pve [PvE] Fresh extinction server small community

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[PvE] Fresh extinction server small community

Our fresh extinction server. We started this server with a few friends to prepare for genesis. We have small community (around 10 people right now) that are online regularly. We are a friendly community don't be afraid to ask for help. When genesis launches this will be clustered with the new map.

**EU Hosted without lag!**

Connecting to the server:

Server: (add this IP to your steam server favorites)

Discord: [https://discord.gg/u6RPp5a] (look for the ARK section)


* 10x Taming
* 2.5x Harvest (with faster resource spawning)
* 2.5x EXP
* 18x Breeding and Hatching
* Low mating interval

Max random dino level: 150

Max player level: 135

All engrams unlocked (on the correct level)

Unlimited respecs

**Dino's that are not on EXTINCTION are available via the auto reward vault**

Beginner packages are in the TC auto reward vault (available at level 5)


* Platform Plus
* Stargate SGA - Alpha 2.30 (teleporter)
* Kaeokid's Stackmod
* Super Spyglass
* Skin Crafter
* TC auto reward
* Personal Mailboxes

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