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The UE4- Shooter Game crash (something to do with thanksgiving event)

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The UE4- Shooter Game crash (something to do with thanksgiving event)


So I managed to play ARK this morning without any issues on my non-dedicated hosted server. About 5 hours later I receive the attached error as soon as I try to host the server. 

What I have tried so far: Veirified integrity of game files and deleted local files. Also as a test I was able to join another server online. Any help would be appreciated !


update: Sucessfully hosted new server on Ragnarok map and tested the Island again with same error :/

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Bad news is you will destroy part of your progess on the game.

It's, as I have found 3 times, a matter of how easy save games get corrupt on this game. I went to the saved games files at: C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal

I deleted the original "Theisland.ark" file there

Then took my most recent saved game file  "Theislandxxxxx.ark " and renamed this "Theisland"

I lost 4 hours of game, but at least I can continue playing.


It worked for me, so I hope this works for others.

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I had the same issue only when trying to logon to Aberration.

There was a post about deleting your favorite server list.

I did it only for my Aberration server, but still got kicked out.

Then I tried the following which worked for me:

Start the game

Go to Graphics in the options menu

Change the settings of the graphics to one lvl below my current graphic settings.

And it worked.


Hope that works also for you guys.



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