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Extinction/Aberration BP's

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Hello there,

So, a friend of mine is running a Valguero unofficial server that we all play on using the Valguero Map Extension mod, and he has changed the .ini to allow all the Extinction/Aberration Engrams to be unlockable on the server. 

Now this is great, to have all these Dino's and Equipment at our disposal, but it pains us that we do not recieve Blueprints & Upgrades from Loot crates/Beacons/Deep sea crates. It would be great if we could get "Apprentice" Climbing Picks, and "Mastercraft" Snow Owl saddles, etc etc.

I've found this a pretty hard thing to research, but I did find the "Beacon" application some people have suggested for similar-sounding issues, and I'm sure there is .ini modifcations we could do to make this a possibility (as we did .ini modifcations to unlock the engrams).I came here to seek solice in people who are not quite so "modding/tech" stupid as I am, to confirm wether or not Blueprints for non-standard engrams and saddles etc are possible on our Nitrado Valguero server, and would be eternally grateful if someone could point me in the general direction of how to get that ball rolling.

Apologies in advance if this question has been asked before and I just missed it.


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