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titans not attacking during king titan fight

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titans not attacking during king titan fight

So, we tried several times the gamam king titan fight by hosting a server on my pc, and me and my team did it 3 times out of 3, with few losses. When wee tried it on the unofficial server we play on, we got wiped 2 times out of 2. settings are the same. Strategy same, equipment similar. The thing is that when the king spawns, titans do not attack him, whatever we do. Whistles do not work. Also mounting them does not work. left click, no attack. Could it be due to the lag? My server had very low ping, while the unofficial server has 100-ish ping

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My experience is only Official PC - and the last Alpha King we helped with, the Ice Titan would not "move" or do its attacks before the fight - though the other 2 were moving normally and performing all their attacks w/o issue.
The Ice Titan was working just fine until they arrived at the arena for the King fight.

They tried whistles, riding, whipping, un-claiming & claiming by a tribe-member.. claiming by an ally.. claiming by a non-ally.
Last resort (because of the time involved).. was upload the Ice Titan then download it. (approx 10 minutes)
Ice Titan worked perfectly for the King fight.

Up-then-download has been a game process for a while, to "reset/resync" a dino.
Cryo-pods are SUPPOSED to do the same thing - BUT... 1.) You can't cryo a Titan ... 2.) and using a cryo to "reset/resync" a dino doesn't always work as well (if at all) as a direct upload and download does.

Hopefully this info gives you a working solution.

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