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pvp Gigabyte PvP / 10x / JUST WIPED! / Community Based / Custom

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Fresh wipe as of 4/13/20

Gigabyte PvP / 10x / Community Based / Custom

-Basic Rates- 
10x Gather, 15x XP, Instant Tame. Custom Drops, Stack, Crafting, Spawns. 100% Imprint, Fast mature & Egg hatch. Infinite Gas, Infinite OB Timers, Auto Engrams (Except Tek). 5 Man No Allies. Max Wild - 150, Max Player - 105, 300 Turret Limit, Balanced, PvP, Events, Active Admins, Xbox, Windows 10 (Crossplay), All maps

-About Us-

We started this cluster with the aim of making a community based server. Everyone has a say in everything. We have been through 5 different wipes already and this one is the best one yet. Make sure to be there !! 

Name: Gigabyte

Join the discord: WGgyC7g




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I've only been on the server a couple days, but it's honestly one of the best servers myself and all my buddies have played on so far. The admins were always quick to help when needed, and they're always online and active doing starters and helping with daily issues such as element disappearing. Additionally, the rates, taming, and breeding all fit extremely well with our play style. Lastly, the structure resistance and increased turret damage during the week helps a lot so we can actually go out and have a life while still being decently set up on server. 

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