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The Turkey trial

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13 minutes ago, EleegY said:

worst update since hitler designed the highway

I didn't realise that Hitler designed highways, but I know that while he was in power the trains ran on time.


15 minutes ago, EleegY said:

never gonna touch it again like a wife beater his wife

A wife beater will, by definition, repeatedly beat his wife, so I guess that means you'll be playing again soon.

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4 minutes ago, Fukushu said:

Are the turkeys actually that strong? I attacked some on Abe with my rock drake but they didn't seem to do a lot of dmg, probably around 20-40 dmg each hit?

Yeah they're tough to put down, but their hardly worth "circling the wagons" for.  I built a big multi-purpose trap in an area swarming with them and we just ignored each other.

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