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When will zombie dodos go?

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4 hours ago, tbfrnritunbv6 said:

I have two DodoRexes running around (well, actually both are standing still) on my map as well. I think it's kind of funny. Shouldn't there only be one per map though?

Single player only loads the game in chunks, so when the game checked for other Dodorex it wasn’t active.  If the Dodorex is out of render range it doesn’t despawn.

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Just now, tbfrnritunbv6 said:

It did about a week ago, but now it doesn't anymore.

That could be a problem. During fear evolved I killed the dodorex with an argent, my findings, after a few attempts, were as follows;

Attack the base of the tail, if you get to close to the head he will agro, stay above the halfway point between his spine and belly, he will agro if you drop below it. Don't land for stam while the music is playing, that will give you trouble now, as he will agro, make sure you fly a good distance away to get stam. If he comes for you while you are regening stam fly further away. You will have to make several passes at him so be careful, I lost count of how many hits it needed around 135 because he wiggled and I panicked.

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1 minute ago, Mymymy said:

I'm on Xbox, how would I do that?

Pause the game and press lb, rb, x and y at the same time, that will bring up a white box and an admin command box at the top of the screen.

Highlight the white box and press a

Type Cheat destroywilddinos 

Press enter then highlight the admin command box and press a

If you do it while you can see a wild dino you should see the wild dino disappear.

New dinos will spawn in as you load in the areas of the map.

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