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pvp GENESIS ARK - NO WIPES PvP - 8 Man Tribes - ORP/Shop/S+

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GENESIS ARK - NO WIPES PvP - 8 Man Tribes - ORP/Shop/S+

No Wipes!

New player friendly!

Gear up for Genesis release here at GENESIS ARK! New player friendly! Our no-wipes cluster has full ORP, allowing you to build up over time and not worry about being offlined! As the community grows, more and more maps (including duplicates) will become available. Come for a good time, come for a long time!

In game shop/kits to help you get started


Frequent events on our event server, with in game prizes as a reward!

Full ORP


Active admin team


8 Player Tribes

5x Harvesting

5x XP

10x Taming

10x Maturation

Server Links

Ragnarok – https://arkservers.net/server/

Aberration - https://arkservers.net/server/ (Better Spawn Distribution)

Valguero - https://arkservers.net/server/

Extinction - https://arkservers.net/server/ (Better Spawn Distribution)

Center - Opens December 13th

Island - TBD

Scorched Earth - TBD

Ragnarok 2 - TBD

Enabled Mods:

1829635965 - HG Plant Z Fix

731604991 - S+ (Limited)

849372965 - HG Stack / 1000 stack 50% weight reduction

566885854 - Death Helper

1262248217 – Tribute Transfer

538827119 - Omnicular

1373937944 - OGS

924619115 - F1 Menu

1669035825 - Cake Fix

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