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pvp The Cupboard Pandas - SilvertonRP [Western Ark Roleplay]

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Welcome to Silverton, Colorado. Where the land is lawless, wild and ready for taming. How will you help shape Silverton? Who will you become?

Our server is inspired by the famous Gunsmoke map created by Caseface, using the same mods created by Caseface, Libby and Cadwah, and other additional mods; we hope to improve your experience on our roleplaying server.

[Please note: When GSRP closed it's doors in December 2019, they opened up their mods for public use. SRP is inspired by GSRP, but is not a copy of GSRP. We are a western themed server that uses the fantastic mods created by Case/Cad/Libby.]

We are excited to see what adventures and tales come from your experiences in Silverton, Colorado!


Our server features:
-Dual Professions 
-Season 1 started Feb 28th 2020! Season 0 was a wild success! 
-Voice Mods ALLOWED!
-No mic? No problem! Apply as a mute! [Applications must include how you will efficiently roleplay without using text chat.]
-Beautiful starter town - from there go anywhere!
-No more lost baggage! [Spawn in with set of clothing, and a coin purse of $50]
-Free Horse or Donkey of a young age (level 10) to aid you in your quest to build a homestead.
-Over 400+ whitelisted players
and MORE!

SilvertonRP is based on real life Silverton, Colorado. During the late 1800s, it was a booming mining town. While we may not be able to change the past, we can most certainly shape what it becomes on our server!

Our discord: https://discord.gg/cupboardpandacrew

Server opened December 22nd 2019, with Season 0! Apply for whitelisting today to join us in Season 1!

[SRP Branding Image created by Old_Man]

Our Community is sponsored by Gameserverapp! Click the banner to check them out! 0KTHoKO.png

Stop in at the depot to collect your belongings, hit the saloon for a quick drink or three, and don't forget to swing by the stables to pick out your new companion! 

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updated information, and discord link

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