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Thank you for yet again breaking the game. Ping all over the place causing lag and rubber banding on multiple servers sine the Turkey update.  People are losing eggs, babies and dinos. But hey, is PS4 PvE and mainly OC servers, so since we are at the bottom of the pecking order, I’m guessing nothing will be done....

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i havnt lost an egg or a dino to lag ....yes iv died lost a body or 2 but always managed to get my tames .....part ofthe issue is people on server with slow crap internet while i myself have good internet this combined with servers which are dated causes lag spikes mate nobody on tbese forums can help with that submiit a ticket if there is a server issue it'll  get restarted / refreshed if its a net issue u need to sort on ur own 

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Congrats on your superb internet and uncanny luck with eggs and dinos ‘mate’.  My internet is fine - it was an issue with the update causing bases to not render in properly. There is more than one cause of lag and bouncing ping my simple friend, and I am not one for complaining about minor/personal issues on public forums. 
This forum is for reporting bugs (funny that it’s in the title)...I know the difference between a game wide issue and a personal game/net problem - you clearly don’t, so begone troll and think before speaking in future or offering unhelpful and inane ‘have you tried turning it on and off again’ advice 

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