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pve The PACK PvE Cluster 13 MAPS! 8xH 10xXP 15T/B

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The PACK PvE Cluster 13 MAPS! 8xH 10xXP 15T/B

Join The PACK PvE Cluster with 13 MAPS! We are a beginner friendly community with 7 quality of life mods to allow solo and multiple players to progress through the game. All maps have the same rates, 8x Harvest, 10x XP, 15x T/B. Max player level is 135, and max non tek dino lvl is 210. We run community events fairly often, and have an active admin team to assist with players as needed.

Vanilla Maps:
Island - steam://connect/
Center - steam://connect/
Scorched Earth - steam://connect/
Aberration - steam://connect/
Ragnarok - steam://connect/
Extinction - steam://connect/
Valguero - steam://connect/
Modded Maps:
Amissa - steam://connect/
Crystal Isles - steam://connect/
Ebenus Astrum - steam://connect/
Hope - steam://connect/
Olympus - steam://connect/
Event Map - steam://connect/

Our website:
Mod Collection:
Our Discord:

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