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Please Add the Name of the Player who Claimed the Element Nodes



Please Add  Name of the Player who Claimed the Element Nodes

Yesterday i spend around 1hr looking for element nodes and finally found 2 which is side by side. This is my first time doing the element defend. Both of the nodes are easy node. Spend like almost 2hr defending the 2 nodes solo. After complete the defend, i cant harvest the nodes(Vein Locked). Then i realize somebody had claimed the nodes. For god sake please show in HUD when nodes alrdy claimed by who because when i use spy glass it didnt show whether it claimed or not. It takes 3 days for it to decay after u completing it, the person who claimed it have plenty of time to come and harvest it. This claim system is needed but please show the name of the person who claimed it or do not allow multiple claim.

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