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(POLL) Should enclosed structures on platform saddles have air pockets?

Should enclosed structures on platform saddles have air pockets?  

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  1. 1. If enclosed structures on platform saddles had air pockets, we could utilize underwater platform saddles on creatures such as mosa's and plesio's for small mobile bases underwater.

    • Yes
    • No

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1 hour ago, KRONOSDOUBLE said:

Ok so that's a potential problem that would need to be looked into. If that was an issue that was resolved, would you like for there to be air pockets on platform saddles?

It's not a problem. It's how the game works. People have been complaining about rafts glitching and dino heads glitching through structures since the beginning. It's not a solvable issue for WC.


I use mods. And have seen people make underwater quetzals.


Too many loopholes and issues for official servers.

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