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A possible solution to PVE tame cap

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A possible solution to PVE tame cap

Devs have made the mistake of removing 11 PVE severs and only adding 2, in the recent server phaseout. if on average a pve server has around 1500 tames, a lot of that will distribute to existing servers. This makes the tame count accelerate to max, and makes taming and breeding impossible. This is a problem because those are some of the main features that define ARK. My suggestion to solve this:

Allow us to rent special "private" official worlds where you CANNOT have god console nor ascendant creature unlock.  Only you can be on the server. The purpose of this is to let us breed and tame in peace without worry of tame slots. As we know, we need a lot of the same dinos in order to farm mutations and this creates a huge reason to hog tame slots. The key thing is we are able to transfer things from the private world to real PVE official servers. The settings have to be the exact same as whatever PVE official server you want to transfer to, to prevent abuse. This will atleast create a way for us to atleast progress our breeding projects or taming.

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