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pve Quantum Island PVE 🔥10 H/XP/T 🔥 Cross Dinos

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Welcome to Quantum Island PVE! A brand new ark PVE experience for those who enjoy playing with others! Fresh server wipe on 11/16! Come join on the early days, join discord, and get to know the community!

Quantum Island is all about finding friends, and exploring the ARK together! The server will be wiped when decided as a community! Breeding rates are high, which means trading for cool color and stat mutations are going to be a big part of the community! We will be having events throughout the week to obtain dinos that do not normally spawn on The Island! Come join and work towards end game tek with the group!


Harvest: 10x
XP: 10x
Taming: 10x
Egg Hatch: 20x
Maturation: 20x
Max Dino Level: 150

Server Mods

-Platforms Plus
-Awesome Spyglass
-Death Recovery
-Automated Ark
-Ultra Stacks
-CT Reusables
-Upgrade Station
-Engram Unlocker
-Easy Cryo v2.0
-Classic Flyers
-Cross Aberration
-Cross Extinction

Map: The Island

Discord: https://discord.gg/ptXzGHD
Server IP:

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