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Building Tiers Outdated?

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17 minutes ago, Spiral3 said:

New structure: L-Shaped Beam
Used to reinforce outer walls and harden high-value areas.

Boi don't get me started with building ideas! i got so many in my head and my notebook!!!

but i do like the renforcement idea! ether qualities like ramshackle, or just items to reinforce them would be nice

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On 11/16/2019 at 6:27 AM, yekrucifixion187 said:

The game has advanced. 

The dino lines and ease to get them has advanced which means even a novice can reach tek tier quickly. The weaponary and the items used to assault have advanced. 

Attackers have a distinct advantage which means building back up has to be easier or else the player base will dwindle. Getting C4 was always quicker than getting good enough defenses to repel a determined attacker. 

Thatch and wood should be for aesthetics and role playing since taming a dino that can destroy those tiers is super quick. Stone is a very temporary stop since 1 C4 can level half your base. 

I don't think there is anyway to go backwards without a wipe which is a 50/50 split for pvp

I'd call that less "advancement" and more power-creep with updates.

I like to use wood for the cost wherever defense isn't necessary (so internally and on high parts of walls), but I also almost exclusively play PVE because the PVP meta is cancer.

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