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Windows 10 Extinction no music/alerts

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I have been having the same sound/music issues as you stated above, since I first installed Ark on my Win10 computer almost a year ago. Never since then have I had IN-GAME music, besides menu music. No combat soundtracks, day/night sounds, element vein/osd activation/completion sounds. This is a lot more common of an issue than people are reporting, probably because Win10 users are dwarfed by console and Steam users. My son and I play together constantly, he on his Xbox One, and me on my PC using Xbox crossplay, and he always gets in-game music, and I never do. At first, I was miffed but pressed on, hoping it would eventually be resolved in an update, but now I'm feeling very left out with not hearing any of the music (which is REALLY good) for almost a year!!! 

I have done several Internet searches on the topic, only to find no answers, just many more users like us that are experiencing the same, and not a fix in sight. I submitted a bug report for this, this very morning, but as others have already done that without resolution, I will assume mine will also go unnoticed. 

A shame, too, as music in this game is actually USEFUL when it works. If a game comes without, say, any sound effects, do you think Wildcard would be able to sit idly by? Absolutely not, the community would be in an uproar!!! I think the levels of that uproar of the music not playing in-game hasn't hit the same marks (maybe because Wildcard believes we can live without it/it's not as game-breaking as say, sound effects missing altogether), so perhaps Wildcard is basing their reaction solely based on their receipt of negative feedback, in which case there are only a handful of Win10 crossplay users compared to the rest of the Ark playing community. 


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