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cant connect

so I'm wondering if anyone else had had this problem or if its just me.  so I have been playing legacy pve for a couple years  I built an impressive base, and then one day about three months ago I started having connection issues.  My download is 28.8 mb and the download and upload is 2.7 . decent on either side, so my ping is 9999 on most of the servers whether they are official or unofficial, some servers are 142 or even 82 but I cannot join. some things I have already tried are

  1.  buying a hard copy of the game
  2.  bought a second ps4 to see if it was a hardware issue
  3.  hardwired the ps4 to the modem to eliminate potential wifi error
  4. created second  playstaion plus account in case there was a issue with my account
  5. resetting the modem

I have a tribe mate that lives a few streets over and he has no issue. I should also mention that I will be playing and it will suddenly kick me and Im not able to reconnect for days. I have no issues with connecting on other games like COD or GTA. neither system will connect.

  im at a loss here. any suggestions? 


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I’ve had this problem with a legacy server too just last weekend There’s still 5/70 ppl in the lobby but i can’t go one for some odd reason I have no clue about I just gave up hopefully they can give us an explanation because there’s no reason I wouldn’t be able to connect. I already started another character on a different server ... it can’t be that the server got deleted because it still shows up...

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