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Top 5 Favorite Dinos?

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5. Kentros, not so much since the nerf but still a supercool defensive Dino that you can throw out once some raiders enter your base.                                                                                                                                              4. Barys, I started using these guys about 6 months ago and man they are good. Quick healing in water, and land capabilities are too good to pass up. Not to mention the ability to dismount riders that are foolish enough to follow you in the water is very nice.                                                                                                              3.Argentavis, as much as I like the look and feel of pteras, argents take their place due to versatility. In my opinion getting a decent argy is sort of the divider between early game and mid game.                                                                                                                       2.Mosas, ever since the inclusion of tusos I feel like mosas have sort of been forgotten but in my opinion these guys are still the kings of the depths and one of the coolest super dinosaur's to own.                                                                                                                                      1. Finally my favorite is...megalosaurs! These guys are absolute monsters come night time. I think they have the second highest base damage for land dinos, rivaled by only the giga. Considering their size and speed you can shred enemy soaker's signicantly faster than any Rex and is those pesky flyers try to pick you, your mega can actually grab their bird out of mid air and chew it up in seconds. Last but not least, they are super rare outside of aberration and I've always been a sucker for the rare ones. 

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Thylacoleo - great all rounder, fast, climbs, jumps, pounces, strong enough to fight or tank

Basilosaurus - anything that ignores eels and jellyfish is good as far as I am concerned, can tank Squid as well

Megalania - relatively useless as low Hp and melee, but still a great mount that goes anywhere ground wise.

Rock drake - vastly upgraded Megalania really with glide capability and can fight, plus stealth mode

Bear - so cute when small, very fast, strong HP and melee for its size. 

None of the above are best, they are not Wyverns or Gigas, or Mosas, but they are fun to use and play with.

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I only play PvE

1. Thylacoleo

A nice imprinted one is fast and so versitile. You can use it in the caves, and i use it all the time when im taming stuff, just sit on the back and facetank everything while you putting darts in your target.

2. Managarmr

Just so fast if you got a high stamina one, and it can kill everything.


3. Rock Drake

Similar to the thyla but better climber.


4. Giga

A while ago i didnt really saw the point in taming one in PvE but ive been using them alot recently when i start doing drops on extinction and im having so much fun with them, trying to breed out a real beast. Also best way to get meat for ur babies

5. Argentavis

You must have this bird, everything gets much easier with it, since it can carry so much weight and dinos.

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I am a PVP player so my top 5 are the dinos with the most functional use/ease of taming:

  1. Anklo - Metal, crystal, flint, thatch, wood, stone, obsidian,  berries. Too good a tame to not be no 1.
  2. Quetzal - All round farming support unit
  3. Therozino - Wood + many other things
  4. Doed - For stone and obsidian
  5. Ravager for its cheapness and utility. Great cheap tame that hauls a lot and one which you can afford to lose on raids.
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