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Will I get my dinos back?

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5 hours ago, Demerus said:

If you DO happen to get anything back:

The dinos will be spawned in and the stats will be low and random.

Imprint restore on said dinos also will depend on how the GM is feeling that day.

Hilarious, but it seems to be accurate even though it is three simple commands. 

setbabyage .9, setimprintquality 1, and setbabyage 1.   But probably not imprinted at all, I'm guessing.

It is really anyone's guess what you will get, @howiey!  I've gotten, at different times, exact level-for-level replacements, level 120 max replacements, level 150 max replacements, and a level 195 replacement for a Basilisk.  In every single instance, the different GMs explained to me that this was the policy for replacement dinos.  Every single instance was also post-August 2017, during full release so none of that wonky EA replacements of crazy god-dinos.

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You don't get your dinos back from boss fight wipes, even if the boss bugs out.  The only time they ever, and i mean ever, replace dinos is if you lose em in transfer and that's with provided screenshots and like others have said, it'll be some sad random pile of crap instead of the dinos you bred and raised and spent all that time working on.  I've all but given up on things being stable enough to avoid losing hours of work and just accept it with a nice big jar of vaseline lol. Welcome to Ark.


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