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How do You Mount a Horse When Taming It?

So hey wassup guys! 
I just have a quick question about equus taming on mobile. So I know that they are passive tames and everything, They are usually my first tame  on a new server in Ragnarok mind you. I know that on PC to tame them I have to mount them and hope he doesn't run into a pack of allos or anything dangerous and feed it every time it bucks. Easy. 
But on mobile I had never been successful to tame one because I don't know how to mount them. I never saw a button that said mount or anything. Swiping up or down didn't work. And I tried a few other ways that also didn't work. So I came to the conclusion that in mobile mounting them to tame them is not an option. So I don't even bother taming them anymore because first of all they take forever without soothing balm or kibble and plus, it is extremely annoying to follow them around without scaring them away or them walking into a dangerous animal that attacks them or me. So basically I just quitted on equus taming.

But as I've been reading through posts here and watched a few YouTube videos I saw that you could mount them. But I still don't know how.

So my question is....How do you mount a horse in mobile to tame it? Is there a button I haven't noticed? Do I have to swipe a certain way? Please help!

Have a nice day and have fun playing Ark!

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12 minutes ago, XaosRes said:

First, put carrots in the hotbar and give them a carrot, without giving a carrot, you can‘t mount them. Then long press for mounting or press the mount button. Then you must always give a carrot if the prompt for a carrot comes up. Too early or too late, you will fall off the horse.

Happy taming.

Where does the mount button appear? Could you possibly send me a picture? If you can't it's okay

But thanks man!

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