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Make Mushroom Brew Stackable



Make Mushroom Brew Stackable

Mushroom Brew was originally intended to allow non radiation immune dinos to be used in the radiation zone of Aberration.
But it has been shown to be too inconvenient due to the duration not being stack-able.

With the release of Extinction, several new dinos were allowed to be used on Aberration.
But they would also need Mushroom Brew to work in the red zone. Which makes such use impractical.

Allowing Mushroom Brew, to stack, would make such use practical.
It would not make it any cheaper (if anything it would be more expensive as people would waste Mushroom Brew.)

But it would increase the value, and desirability of the Extinction Map, and the Genesis Maps for people who like to keep their main base on Aberration.

This would likely translate to increased sales of the second season pass, and more R&D money for Wild Card.


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