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SP PVE help Aberration

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SP PVE help Aberration

Whats up guys, a year and a half into my ark single player journey ive reached something ive looked forward to for a long time..aberration. ive gotten established at the edge of the waterfall overlooking the blue biome. Most kibble tames minus exceptional and extra. A high level bred ravenger pack and utility dinos. I have the climbing picks, rad suit, and glider. The problem is i have no idea how to progress through this map. What should be next on my to do list? Ive scoured the river for a few days now looking for high level crabs and spinos to tame killing them off as i go but ive yet to find one over 130. In my mind i feel i need one of them to progress further into the map. Is this the case? Could someone lay a blue print of tames or objectives i should be doing to progress? Any feed back or suggestions are appreciated.

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My suggestions to progress:
* Get Several Hazard Suits
* Get couple spinos/megalos
* Go down to drake nests and try to steal an egg
* If previously succesful, then raise the drake (its not that hard)
* With the previously raised drake explore map
* Try to farm Surface drops and get better BPs
* Explore all 3 Aberation artifact caves (good for taming glowtails/feartherlights and getting BPs)
* Learn how to fight and get pregnant from a Reaper Queen
* Get pregnant with a reaper baby and raise it
* Get couple more reapers
* If you have a drake, you can steal a lot more drake eggs, and then try to tame a basilisk (its a lot of fun and frustration at the same time)
* After all the above, next logical step would be trying to do Gamma Rockwell (with a good HP/STA drake and high armor saddle and 220+% pumpaction shotgun its doable solo)

Adding additional info:
Getting down to the Drake nests on a Spino will take you atleast 20-30mins, the nests itself are not reachable on foot, so you need good climbing picks. Later when u get a drake, its easy to climb inside the actual egg nests with a drake, jump off and grab it.

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If you're on PC you can use this to fix your spawn levels; the story maps are purposely weighted to favor low levels, which can be extremely frustrating especially on SP.


Slap it in your ini file (always make a backup first) and do a dino wipe and you should see immediate results.

I would personally go for a spino or a mega over a crab for long distance traveling. Crabs are great for grabbing wild dinos to tame, but they are slow.

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