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Color mutations on unicorns


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Personally, I agree. 

They could keep it the way it is, so that they spawn white and you have to breed for color mutations, or make it so that they will show up colored only during events that have a creature color palette. 

Either way it would give a bit more of a reason to breed them. I have a pair on cluster I play on, but prefer to breed my aberration equus because of the color options I can find and breed out through mutations. 

If I could get the same mutations on Unicorns- the shades at least not the patterns - I would be more likely to use them. 

However, as much as I agree and hope that the Unicorns at some point get a little love, adding color regions to their skins was noted on the QOL list as "archived". I will still upvote it in hopes that it gets added at some point though. 

*This is from the perspective of an Unofficial PvE Console Cluster Player. 

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