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ps4 Wicked and PS4 Ark Community- Valguero Now Live

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Wicked and PS4 Ark Community- Valguero Now Live -https://wickedsvalkyr

More infomation and to join ---->>>> http://www.wickedsark.com


Come and join the best Ark Community around! We have multiple maps, PVP and PVE experiences, live events, and a few players who love to show off their builds. Offline protection enabled, so your safe when your tribes out to lunch.

Join Today and Let Your Adventure Begin!


Other Details You Might Like to Know:

With regular YouTuber and Twitch streamers

Boosted 1000 Stacks

10x Breeding,  Maturing, and  Taming,

20x Egg Hatching

Third Person Allowed

Offline Raiding Disabled

PVP, But friendly play encouraged

Crosshair Enabled

Floating HUDs Allowed

Map Player Location Allowed

3x Harvesting

Always pickup on

Special Dino and PVP Events

flyer arks v2.jpg

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