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Linux / Mac Patch Issues

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guys, i got answer:



GM ArgosToday at 18:47

Linux and Mac operating system are supported. However, updates are usually not available immediately on these OS. If you have additional feedback, please email us at info@studiowildcard.com. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. 


Senior GM Argos
Studio Wildcard

so lets all send them info to info@studiowildcard.com

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They promised support yes but didnt promise it will be same time as other clients. Linux/mac is minority of users so its not first priority. Thats something that just needs to get used to.

some things u just need to accept...I literally was going to buy the switch version... but I did alittle research and found out how the game was run on that version . I played xbox aswell the update/m

Really they should just do the easy thing and give Linux/mac their own official servers so this way the complaints can stop and they can all moan bout the lack of players instead.

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this is no answer this is just blabla

That's all I got from them as well


The update is not currently available.

We would suggest that you keep your eyes on our future community crunch here for an update on this matter.

Yes, I know. That's why I am writing …

And why should I keep an eye at something which doesn't give me any information and never has?!


I am starting to feel that they are trolling us on purpose


another answer:


As Customer Support, we are unable to make any changes to the game. I would advise posting on the "Game Suggestions" forum located at http://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/64-game-suggestions/ as that is seen by the game team. Hope that was able to address your concern. Please feel free to contact us again should you have any other questions or concerns.

so let's spam "Game Suggestions"

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I emailed "info@studiowildcard.com" and posted in the "Game Suggestions" the following:

Latest update reverts Mac/Linux clients back to 300.0 - Cannot join any servers - is there a fix on the way?
If so when?
This should be noted that anybody on these platforms cannot participate in the "Winter Wonderland" event.
The quest for "Chibis" is also prevented for these players.
Respectfully asking that this be addressed and mitigated in the future.
Thank you.


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I have two weeks of vacation to play and my ubuntu/linux version won't update past v300 on Steam and it looks like the current version is 304.4. I cannot see any offical servers now. Why!?!? No access to the Winter events. UGH, I am so bummed out. Why would they do an update this close to the holidays without updating all the platforms?

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