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Pause the game then, on xbox press lb rb x and y at the same time to bring up the admin command bar. Use the corresponding buttons on ps, buttons above the triggers and triangle and square i think.

When you bring up the command bar enter destroywilddinos then enter and select the admin command button next to where you have entered the text.

If that doesn't work try typing Cheat destroywilddinos

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Go to ark wiki and search console commands.

It will give you the commands to kill whatever, you can recover your tames, and a lot more commands for the server, your character, and dino's.

On PS4 you can type

Givetome  (this will give you the tame you are looking at or structure)

Destroywilddinos  (will clear the map and force fresh spawns)


To bring up admin bar, pause the game (PS4 does not require the word cheat, the command itself will work).

Hit L1, R1, square, and triangle simultaneously 

Type the command into the bar then select admin (or whatever word is to the right of the bar)

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