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Update on Official PC Asia Servers

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Hey Survivors!

With this latest major version change, we've been able to upgrade key aspects of our Official Network. However for this upgrade to be complete, we'll have to cluster-off the PC Official Asia servers due to a network incompatibility (regional firewalls). On Monday, the 11th of November at 10 AM PST downloads into or uploads out of Asia Servers will be region restricted.

What This Means For You

  • Players on PC Asia Servers will only be able to upload to or download from other PC Asia Servers, this includes characters, creatures, and items.
  • Every other region will continue to be clustered to their normal servers, as usual. If you're not on an PC Asia Official Server, your download/upload rules are unchanged.
  • Players are still able to play on whichever server they wish to, this change will only prevent the transfer of characters/items/downloads from PC Asia servers to PC Non-Asia servers.

The change won't go into effect until the start of next week, so you'll have the weekend to make any necessary preparations. Thank you for your patience and understanding; we'll keep you posted should there be any changes to the schedule.

All the best,

Studio Wildcard

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Half of our player have no options to log into their servers....... the other half that didnt get the update are in the game. I am confused as to how everyone didnt get this update at all.... I do not play on Asian servers, so why is this even happening?  I am confused how this could have been a mess up?


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Just now, Estagus said:

Almost no servers online.

I told guys this will break heavily.. and I was right :)

That's because the servers are redeploying. This is no different from any other redeployment, just give the servers time to restart.

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Just now, StudioWildcard said:

Yup, servers are redeploying, they'll be back online shortly. Make sure to restart your steam clients, as this is a new major version so you'll have to download the patch to be able to see the servers :)


Guys, I can read. I see new version servers... for a while. And then they are gone. Another servers appearing or no servers at all. 

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