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Server Transfer Maintenance & Exploited Tames Fix (November 2019)

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Too much pay 2 win. 350,000 hp quetzals on medium pvp official servers rn. The explanation of the stat changes is very poor, especially for something that has existed for a year now. Someone else asked about it here too and he gets no response. NA players have left mobile in masses. Exploits exist far too long and then they just throw in purchasable Element.

Dinos not fixed properly today,  That will be it for me. The game was not designed for what wardrum has done to it. I wonder what Wildcard would say about this trainwreck lol.

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On 11/8/2019 at 9:52 AM, WarDrumJordan said:


On Thursday, November 14th we will be conducting maintenance on our Server Transfer Ticket system. ALL uploaded Server Transfer Tickets must be downloaded by 10:00am EST on Thursday, November 14th. Any tickets which are still left uploaded after this time will be permanently removed from the game. 
We will be freezing the ability to upload Server Transfer Tickets & removing the Ticket from the store on Tuesday, November 12th at 12:00pm EST. Previously uploaded Tickets can still be downloaded between Tuesday and Thursday. We expect to turn back on the ability to upload & purchase Server Transfer Tickets at 5:00pm EST on Thursday, November 14th.

Server Transfer Ticket Upload deadline: Tuesday, 11/12 at 12:00pm EST
Server Transfer Ticket Download deadline: Thursday, 11/14 at 10:00am EST.
Server Transfer Ticket Maintenance completes: Thursday, 11/14 at 5:00pm EST.

Additionally, we will be addressing the issue of exploited tames on Official PvP and PvX Servers on Thursday, 11/14 once Transfer Maintenance begins. On Official PvP and Official PvX Servers ONLY, we will be adjusting the stat values of any tamed creatures, implants, chronicled implants, or fertilized eggs that contain more than the following wild stat levels:

Easy Servers: 60
Medium Servers: 90
Hard Servers: 120
Brutal Servers: 150

Any tames that have more than these wild stat levels applied will see their excess stat values randomly applied to other stats on the tame. For example, if a Quetzal on an Easy server has 90 wild stat levels applied to HP, then the additional 30 levels will be randomly reapplied to Oxygen, Weight, etc. 
We are focusing on wild stat levels because this is the source of the previous exploits - players finding ways to gain more wild stat levels than what is possible.
For most players on these servers, you will not notice any difference. For the few players who have tames that stem from an exploited line, you may notice some readjusted stats when you log back in after our process is complete. 
We feel that this is the best solution to bring balance back to our competitive servers while also respecting the time and consumables that players have put into breeding these tames. 

- Jordan
War Drum Studios

Is there any reason you drop the stats of my bred tames? They werent exploits they were bred with a long ancestor line. 5th generation to get a 15k health argy dropped to 5k for what? Are you going to refund me my money back for amber used to craft potent dust to pump my argys weight to 2.3k that you dropped to 1.2k? Already lost a paying customer, canceling primal pass and not spending a dime on this game anymore nor watching any ads. Jordan clearly wears his rectum as a hat, cant fix bugs, do anything about the meshing or reported tribes meshing bases but can make a year of breeding to nothing good job clown 

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Yesterday the game crashed after coming up with a ‘connection timeout’ or ‘network timeout’ message and the unofficial server that I had been on is no longer on the list. Does this mean it has been deleted? The game has done this before but the server has come back up a few minutes later yet almost 24 hours later and it’s still not appearing. I’m new to the game and not too sure what this means and why there are so many crashes. (My internet is not the issue :)

edit: still not resolved three days later 

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