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I'll try to simplify what was said above, which was also correct. 


Say male A had a lineage that read as 

Pat: 14/20 Mat: 14/20 

If you bred male A with a wild female (essentially a 0/0) the baby produced, assuming no mutations received, would have a lineage that reads

Pat: 28/20 Mat: 0/20


To get a mute the sum of mutations on a given side (male or female) needs to be 19/20 or less

So that male you used can not get a mutation on his side as the sum of mutations was 35 however if you breed him with a female who's sum of mutations is only 19, there is a chance she can give a mutation. 

That babies lineage without a mutation would read as

Pat 35/20 Mat 19/20. 

So now lets say the above baby is a male and you raise him. You then breed him back with the 19/20 female who was his mother. The baby from their lineage, assuming it has no mutations, will read as;

Pat: 54/20 Mat: 19/20

That Pat lineage is what is known as mutation stacking.


To prevent that and to try and get as many authentic mutations as you can, you'd ideally want;

One breeder male- This male has every legit mutation you want on it. This can be utilized in different ways. Say you are breeding Rex's and you only want health and melee mutations. You can either have a health male, who's only mutations counted are health and a melee male, who's only mutations counted are melee or you can have a health and melee male, who's only mutations are health and melee. 

The first way (1 hp and 1 melee breeder) will give you the most opportunities early to get the max hp and melee possible before combining the stats at a later date. 

The second way (1 h and m breeder) will produce relevant babies to use faster but will cap the health and melee achievable lower.

The female breeders, you want ideally 0/20 females. It just makes keeping track of mutes simpler.


So into the breeding exercise (we're going to go with a male who will be allowed to mutate both health and melee);

You start with 1 male who has the best health and melee stats you have tamed and 20 females. You breed those until you get a male with 1 health mutation and the best tamed melee. You raise him and he takes over the top male breeder spot.

Lineage could be Pat: 1/20 Mat: 0/20 or Pat: 0/20 Mat: 1/20 however his next baby will move that mute to the Pat side

Repeat until the next relevant mutation as well the highest other stat. So you get a male with the 1 mute hp and a new mute in melee. Raise him. He becomes the new breeder male.

Lineage could be Pat: 2/20 Mat: 0/20 or Pat: 1/20 Mat: 1/20. However, again, his baby will read Pat: 2/20 Mat: 0/20

Then just keep doing that until your happy. Several months down the line (on official servers) you have a male breeder that has 10 hp mutations and 10 melee mutations. His lineage will read;

Pat: 20/20 Mat: 0/20 or Pat: 19/20 Mat: 1/20

You can still mutate beyond this point, it just cuts your chances in half since the mutation calculation and chance can only be applied to the female side now. Eventually, you will get another relevant mutation though and that new top breeder male's lineage will read;

Pat: 20/20 Mat: 1/20

Once he's raised you can keep applying the same technique. 


I do know, on official, there are limitations to the overall level of a dino before it gets deleted (should stop leveling at 449) and i am pretty sure there is a max on the amount of mutations a single stat can have though I don't know specifics on those. I am sure they can be found somewhere else on this site.


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