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Flickering screen

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Points to check 


Reinstalling My geforce drivers fixed it the first time 

Un-check light blome and gradients ( apologies for the english)

Check if GTX experience is overriding your settings 

I have seen this has a aggressive effect when in a metal base or when a lot of lights are present 

Post processing also seams to have an effect on this 

I have seen this on the following cards 

R7 390





hope that helps 


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I have it on Ragnarok.  It's a long standing issue that is really annoying.
I'm tempted to do a screen recording and upload it to youtube so the devs can see how annoying it is.

Having said that, a friend did a similar thing a few years ago with a shadowing bug.  AFAIK, that bug report was ignored ?  I'll get him to check.

Should I or shouldn't I?

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