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A new resource collector...



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Like what? Give us suggestions of animals that could harvest metal so we can discuss and agree or disagree.

Personally I feel like the anky is enough. Although if they added a dino that could harvest metal, have tons of weight, be able to defend itself from attacks, and actually be able to run fast (anky's biggest drawback: they're painfully slow) then it would help a lot.

But yeah, personally for me all i need is a quetzal and an anky and im all set to go

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Personally I like the idea of giving the current "top tier" creatures for harvesting a competitor. It would indeed add to the variety of the creatures you could tame to collect items. 

Each would need to have their positive and negative attributes so you could determine yourself - which would be the best to use. 

That said however, I would like an example. What sort of creature are you thinking? 

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Metal, Flint, Obsidian, Crystal, Oil- Anky, Mantis (with pick)

Stone- Doedicurus, Mantis (with hatchet), Gacha, Rock Elemental

Dunkleo can also get stone and metal and oil from underwater nodes. 

Wood- Mammoth, Rollrat, Theri, Beaver, Thorny Dragon

Thatch- Bronto, Megaloceros, Megatherium, Mantis (with pick)

Fiber- Bear, Theri, Bigfoot


Looking at the list. I could see a want for an additional metal harvester to diversify the options like the other major resources are diversified. I believe Anky should still be the top metal harvester both in gather rate and weight reduction. 

So this leads to a very small window of progression. 

Taming a low level anky on berries doesn't take very long and satisfying your metal needs with a pick until you get to that point, is pretty easy. 

Taming a good Anky is easier than taming a Mantis or Dunkleo plus it's the better option. 

I don't see a real need for an additional metal harvester due to the rapid ability to get an anky but if they were to add the ability to a dino pre-anky I think it would need to be the pachy.

Pachy has very little use. It's head plate could make sense to get a bit more metal on impact over a player with a pick. It's a very easy tame. It would need a 50% metal weight reduction to be useful on this role. 

One downside is there are more anky spawns than pachy spawns. 

I don't see this as a need but I also don't think it would take a major rework which would take away from other more pressing matters in the game so if they keep it to an already in game dino like the Pachy, I'd be for the addition of another metal harvester that's a bit quicker to get your hands on.

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If there were a small dino; like the size of a Gali with little hook like claw-arms and the ability to jump, and that dino could harvest metal and reduce it's weight by 50% then that would be interesting.  Wouldn't be able to gather as much or as efficiently as a high-melee anky but could maybe reach places that would be a pain to bring an anky to.

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