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Taming Rants


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Taming Rants

I’m not looking for solutions, I just needed to vent.

I play Ark Mobile, single player, Survival Mode, Brutal Difficulty, The Island. I’m sort of a noob but I’m learning and the game is awesome. But...

I was in the southern isles where my first bases are, kinda near the south cave. I finally got lvl 38, pteranodon saddle, looking forward to my first flyer. I have a nice stockpile of tranq arrows and narcotic and I see a pteranodon across the water. I swim over, check him out, he is lvl 375. I blast him in the face a couple times with my arrows, he goes down. I was on my raptor, my only riding mount at the time. Grab raw meat from the raptor, drop it on the ptero and settle in for the long wait.

I get to about 30% tamed and I can’t take it anymore, I run off to find some prime. Find a therizino, kill it, run back and drop the prime on the ptero. Run out, kill a diplo, run back... ptero is underground, I can see the meat symbol rising from him but can’t see him ?. Can’t target him from any angle, tried moving out of render and back, tried reloading game, no dice. He is gone next time I check on him, who knows.


I see another ptero, 345. Tranq her, making sure she is on flat ground, drop meat on her, run off, kill stego, come back with prime. She is gone. I see her a few mins later, tranq her again, kill sarco, she is gone for good. I made sure she had plenty torpor, raw meat, didn’t matter. I’m gone for a couple minutes tops each time.


See a 45 ptero, tame her with raw meat no problem. Fly her out to find a better ptero, see a 150. Tranqed, checked dododex, she has really good stam and weight tor her level. Drop cooked prime on her, settle in. Shoot a couple things right nearby, harvest some fiber, killing time, never left render range, just stayed close. Get to 40% tamed, run over to check her. Get right next to her, instantly die. Game claims I killed myself.

My base is right nearby so I respawn, grab my raptor and run back, loot my body and turn to check ptero. She stands up and starts to walk away. I shoot her again, she takes no damage and keeps walking for a bit. Finally flies away. I’m stunned, what is happening? I regain my senses, hop on my tamed ptero, give chase. She’s gone. I see her later, try to tranq her, she dies.


I see a 345 ptero, I shoot him once, not enough. He flies away, I chase on my raptor. He flies a really long way into dangerous territory. I’m resolute, this one will be mine! I catch up eventually, in the swamps. Tranq him down, on a hillside. Raptors, carnos, theris, boas, a spino, all nearby. I drop cooked prime on it but I know I will need more after I do the math. I’m not far from a base, but I decide to build a wall around him, just to be safe. Harvest resources, put down fence foundations, doorway, thatch walls, 4 walls high. He’s at 50% torpor, I spam 30 narcotic which is enough to max him. Drop what raw meat I have on him just in case. Hop on raptor and run like crazy to base. Grab cooked prime from preserving bin, run back... yeah. You guessed it. He’s gone. Fml ?

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