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Which creature scares you the most when they surprise/ambush you

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Reaper Queens always scared me, not because i know they mean bad news but just they look and sound give me chills.

Surprise wise i am most scared when i turn around to see a purlovia 30cm away from my face!

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5 minutes ago, Kodking194 said:

there so many things in ark that have jump scared me

1. pegos

2. icthyornis

3. thyla

4. purlovia

5. raptors

6. kapro

7. sarco

8. nameless

9. reaper

10. megalosaurus

the list continues, honestly WC could tag ark as a horror game if they wanted. it can really scare the sh*t out of you sometimes.

Sarco got me once. Was in the little pool of water by Stonehenge on the Island. As I walked to see if there was Pirahana's it came flying out of the water at me. I didn't even contemplate that one might be in there. 

Probably my second biggest jump next to my first Theri encounter.

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30 minutes ago, FreelancerKnux said:

Micro raptors I love them soo much but the random attacks when i land a flyer in a dodgy area are just troubling.

Lol. Especially when they don't hit you 1st time and give you a sliver of hope you might escape and then they get you on the return.

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