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chronicles two fails again.

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chronicles two fails again.

just like the first set. a group of us went to all the notes on official only to not receive the skins. this is kinda lame when this is the second time literally the same issue has occured. come on guys, you can do better than this.

I would like to know if any of you awesome people have the teleport commands for single player again. i don't know abb well so it would still take me a while to find them myself. if anyone needs the commands for the first chronicles, let me know.

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I have also had this problem. I have attempted the notes on multiple characters. My experience was on Ps4 servers. It currently seems as though nothing is keeping track of completion for this quest. If I transfer from a server, or even log out, I am able to go and collect a note a second time.


I was browsing the forums and found this thread

The short version is this: If you are having trouble with these notes, go and do them on single player. I have confirmed that doing them on single player works much better! Give it a try!

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