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Noob Tips

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PC Tips:

  • E is your friend you can pick up stone, wood, and thatch from beaches.
  • E on bushes will pick bushes and get you berries and fibers.
  • craft tons of cloth hats to get some levels fast.
  • learn to make a campfire, Bed, and basic tools.
  • learn to make a raft as soon as possible.  you find lots of pillars on official maps blocking building.  a raft will at least let you get up rivers and around the outer edges of land.
  • Start on The Island, Ragnarok, or Valguero first, they are the easiest of the maps.
  • Before logging out, make sure to be hidden somewhere, or best thing to do Hold E down on a Bed and select 'Lay on Bed' then log out.  If people find your body they will drag you into the water and drown you (both official and unofficial)

that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

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Rebind E with R and E with R. (sometimes you might move the keyboard while it is dark and put your hand a little bit to the right and while in the air press E to dismount and fall to your death)

Rebind All Agressive to a key like F8 or something like that that is out of reach.

Unbind your J key (unless you want to rearrange your dinos all the time)

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i suggest playing on singal player or unnofficial servers. they the best place to learn the ropes. the tips i about to give ay helps on both. some more suited to one side than the other

. possibly boost the settings in main menu a bit, i done this so i could quickly learnt he ropes and it would not take as much time. here is a small list of what i changed first off

XP: 3-5.0

taming: 3-5.0

harvesting: 3-5.0

food drain: 0.5

water drain: 0.5

for stats its up to you on what they should be

player stats

health: 2.0

stamina: 2.0

weight: 5.0

melee: 2.0

speed: 5.0

if this is too hard search up videos on changing the settings

. play on either the island, ragnarok or valguero, thes emaps are the best and easiest to play.

. dont be afraid to die, ark is the game where everyone will dies at some point (even the long term pros)

.that being said once u have a good base and possibly a tame and so e decent stuff try not to lead anything near the base, if somehting destroys your base it sets u back alot

. anything that seems to be attacking something else should be left alone

. make a bow with atleast 50 arrows, bows are esential ragned wepaons when beginning

. kill anything small, killing anyhting small helps. it gives meat and hide aswell as xp

. always have cooked meat on you, cooked meat can be a life saver, it can replenish food and health

.have a second of everything, make sure to carry a second pick, hatchet and bow aswell as armour. if you are out and your pic brakes and u cant get or dont have the resources to repair it u got a nother to use, this can also allow u to repair the broken one

. repair tools when u have the chance, the worst thing ever is for both your bows to be on low durability, one brakes, u change to the other and the other brakes, this can lead to u dying, to prevent this make sure to repair you tools and armour when ever possible.

. first tame, for a started the easiest thing to tame would be a parasuar, they are reasonable mounts, able to harvest narcoberries, can be used as mobile and automatic sonar and can move fairly quick and carry abit. they can also act as a sacrifice if needed. taming one is simple. have at least 5 bolas and two slingshots and clubs. bola one and knock it out. feed it mejo berries. if its torpor bar gets low feed it narcoberries. once tamed make a saddle and mount it.

. narcotics, use your parasuar to collect narcotics. now u should split have of your meat supply and cook the other half. also forgot to mention picks get more flint, meat and thatch, axes get more wood, hide and stone. 

.tame a trike, trikes are one of the best early mounts. make sure u have around 50 tranq arrows and 50 narcotics, get up somewhere high where the trike cant get you. shoot the trike and knock it out. trikes are great tanks and can hit real hard. they also gather berries really well. 

. buildign a real base, upgrade your base to wood and work on making a forge and smithy, this will allow u to progress to metal tools and better gear. also if possible place spike walls around your base, make sure u have quite abit of room to place your tames inside, make a dino gate as it allows u to have an entrance yet block it off


hope these help you out, i would love to give some more tips if needed @Tigressized.


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Things you rarely hear in response to this question:

Don't leave home with stuff you don't need.  Don't take your new longneck on a metal run.

Don't get distracted.  If you just flew across the map for org poly, get it and get it back home.  Don't stop to try to grab a drop or look at a pretty dino.

When things are going well, make an "Oh Crap" box with backup supplies, tools, armor, etc.

When you do something stupid,  make a new rule for yourself to not do that stupid thing again.  Don't break it.

Expect to die, expect to lose dinos, expect to get raided, expect to crash at the worst possible time, expect to deal with some new problem every day.

Don't take the game too seriously unless you're getting paid to play.


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New players should treat themselves well by changing game settings to an easier standard. These include, but are not limited to Harvest Amount, Player Resistance, EXP Gaining, Taming Speed, and use helpful mods such as Death Recovery, HG auto picking up and Structure Plus (S+).

ARK is not a game designed to play individually. Players can get bored while playing alone. There are also a lot of limit in single player mode. Some good strategy can only be used at least 2 players, such as "Pteranodon Catch and Shoot", "Tapejara Tail Gun". Having friends with you also makes harvesting, gathering and leveling more efficient, and makes exploring, especially cave exploring much easier, as once the player is knocked off in the cave, it will be the end of their life. In this case, a friend can feed them stimberry or stimulant to save them.

As a new player, they should NEVER try PVP first. Try a friendly multiplied PVE server first. If couldn't find any, play single player or non-dedicated server. If the game is too difficult or too easy, change the game settings immediately until you find desired challenge, achievement and excitement throughout the game playing.

New player may use console command when they encounter a bug. Press Tab (above Caps Lock) to open command entry. Search commands here: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands . A bug can be: Getting stuck in structure or terrain, Losing items abnormally (Sometimes it changes to Blueprint form in slots after restart, or just disappear), Artifact not spawning, and any incident that is considered as a bug. Players have already paid for this game, they are not responsible to confront bugs.

These are just before-game suggestions. For a summary: Players have the right to change the difficulty as whatever as they like. 


The following will be in-game tips:

First of all, new players should not spawn at a "not-recommended" place. Doing so may result in a instan-death and ruin their feelings. Choose easy start point.

Remember the mechanics, pick up stones and bushes and hit the trees, make tools and armor progressively. Hunt weak, passive-flee creatures such as Dodo and Lystrosaurus to get hide and meat. Unlock bola as soon as possible. Once players have bola, small size carnivores will become easy prey and tame. Narcotic is not a must for taming, bola-ed creature can be knocked off using a wooden bola, or simpler, using fists. Raptor can pounce players, but players can EVADED this by preforming a jump just before the raptor leaps up. Once the raptor missed the pounce, it is no longer a major threat and can be easily bola-ed, killed or tamed. Check here for creature immobilized by Bola and other traps: https://ark.gamepedia.com/List_of_Creatures_Immobilized_by_Traps .

Try to build a wooden hide out and reach lvl.20 as soon as possible. At lvl.20, players will gain access to metal tool, which is hugely different to stone age. Soon, unlock fur and ghillie armor as fur allow player to explore cold area, and ghillie reduces creature aggro range, making exploring safer. Chitin, Flak and Riot armor usually will NOT save players from larger carnivores, unless at a good quality: Journeyman, Master or Ascendant.

Having a shield is always a good idea. Having a long-lasting shield, combined with armor set and sword, both at good quality, is the only way player should make a melee engagement with a large carnivore.

Grappling hook is extremely helpful for cave exploring. Most of the shortcut will be accessible with grappling hook and parachute. When jumping between platform with lava or bottomless pit below, use Grappling hook instead of jump. Also, remember to ride something while exploring a cave, use a mount as a preserve of your life instead. Do not go to Snow Cave or Swamp Cave until you wish to beat the Dragon. Also utilize the use of Sleeping Bag in case of dangerous confrontation.

There are more than one way to beat the game, so invest points on stats based on wishes. (I had a friend who has had 4500 Oxygen stat because she describe herself as a submarine, who does underwater caverns and search deep-sea loots). Learn engrams when necessary only.

These're the ideas I have at the moment. I will add more tips if asked.

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6 hours ago, Demerus said:

Open things with F instead of E.

you will thank me when you stop accidentally unlocking all your containers.

This is absolutely right.

Some of the containers that do more than just containing things can be switched off or somewhat. Using F will just open the container without doing any change to them. In another hand, E is used to interact with something, not opening a container, F is the key to do this job.

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As a veteran player with thousands of hours under my belt with experience in both very small and very large tribes I would highly recommend to you as a new player to play the game as it was originally envisioned, the full package. This is also known as PVP mode. In addition I would highly recommend you choose to play on Official Servers which are the most competitive servers available. Official servers are effectively lawless servers where only the strongest and smartest survive and the weak go the way of the dinosaurs.

Now you could be lazy and say but I don't want to die I want to play on Easy Mode. Sure you could do that and join some unofficial server with 50x rates and care bear "rules" but such a server will teach you bad habits that will negatively impact on your development as an ARK player.

If you voluntarily choose to play with and against the best, you will in time become one of the best. Sure you will definitely cop a few "hard resets" from the likes of myself and other entrepreneurial players but such character building will give you the strength to survive in the harshest of environments. It is this mental strength that will allow you to rise above other weaker players that cannot cope under pressure and dominate.

This mental fortitude is what separates Elite ARK players from just decent ones. The ability to factor in defeat, deal with it and plan your next move.

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Dont get Attached to anything! Tames are gonna die, buildings are gonna get messed up, your kit is gonna get lost, and you are gonna die.

Most lost stuff is a bonus in disguise - you get to re-craft it, and so get the XP again :)

Spawn in to ALL the differnt spawn points and wander around (Yes you will die - but just respawn  - you lose nothing) to get a feel of the map and what each area is like.

Don't get fixated on a place to build - if you have died there several times over, its time to abandon that lot and find a better area.

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