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Event = problems Patches = problems

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Event = problems Patches = problems
To the dear Wildcard Team and to everyone here in the forum! 
HOW can that be the WILDCARD not even an event gets normal running? 
You collect days for the emotes and now they are gone? Does Wildcard think we all have too much time to farm again? 
It can not be that there are more and more patches that have several gigabytes in size and then even more in the game is broken! 
So slowly I find it really ridiculous what Wildcard does and how to deal with us players! 
EVERY other game would at least apologize for the stuff or else! The same when losing a character! 
It's the fault of WIldcard when the characters disappear, 
but the players have to suffer and WEEKLY wait until they are really helped! This is really anything but customer friendly! 
Think about it!

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Yes and I think it can not be that there is a function in a game such as the transfer of characters 
and when an error message such as error 007 or so emerges that it is at the expense of the customer (player)!
If it was a problem of one's self then nobody would say something 
but it's just a problem of the game and then not even everything is restored is just really not in order

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