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pvp [US] Milkshakes Boosted PVP Rag/Valguero cluster

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[US] Milkshakes PVP Rag/Valguero Cluster

Hey! Come take a look at our exciting pvp cluster named Milkshakes! 
Currently we have a 50 man Ragnarok server and Valguero server!
Our  boosted stats include . . . 
-Taming x450 
-ORP is ON (9.25 hour cooldown)
-Harvest multiplier x5 
-XP gain x5 
-x6.0 server difficulty ( Max dino level is 240, not including tek, wyverns, etc. . .) 
-Egg laying interval x0.5 
-Dino harvesting x8 
-Mating x.01 (Fast) 
-Maturation x10 
-Infinite weight 
-Supply crate loot x7 
-Crop grow speed x5 
-Custom spawns.
-Custom drops.
-Many stack mods(too many to list)
And a few more. . .  

We hope that you consider joining our amazing pvp server! 
Our server is running off of donations and will be supported for at least one month after genesis is released. We do have a discord server! We welcome you to join the game server and meet us in the discord! ^u^/ 
To find us, please look for "[US] Milkshakes - Boosted PVP Ragnarok/Valguero" or just search for "milkshakes"
Come join our discord! https://discord.gg/AZ3gdsf

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