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What is Wrong with my Imprint Timers?

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I'm still having issues with this, I run a server on PS4 through Survival Servers - The mature rate for me is 10x and previously I had the imprint interval perfect in my opinion as below:

Extra Small Dino = 1 x 100% imprint

Small Dino = 2 x 50% Imprint

Medium Dino = 3 x 33% Imprint

Large Dino = 5 x 20% Imprint

Extra Large / Special Dino = 15 x 7% Imprint

These settings were ideal for the kind of server I wanted to run, where breeding for stats was a challenge and more fun, despite the faster mature speed. I found this thread and thought I had it resolved, but it looks like it has been cut short of an official closure due to the patched version now updated on PC etc.

PS4 is still not resolved however, last update was the turkey trials, which did not include any alterations that fix this problem.

If anyone has a formula for me that will work to bring my server back to its original setting, despite the ongoing problems, then that would be much appreciated. Right now I'm attempting to use an old threads spreadsheet to come up with a new algorithm, using the sweet post and explanation from @Gunnsen when this thread first started (much appreciated input mate, it's helped me to understand the problem and try to work towards fixing it).

Also, not sure if anyone has any info on whether there is a planned fix upcoming for PS4 also, but right now my imprinting has just  gone ridiculous. Pretty much the same issues as everyone else, If I change settings for babycuddleinterval to around 0.2 for example, I get a timer of something like 12 mins and my imprinting is completed in an hour, but the maturation timer is only 10% complete...ridiculous. As @Gunnsen said earlier on in the thread, try to multiply old interval multiplier by the maturation speed, so this would give me x2 multiplier for the changed settings. Attempted this and now the timer is much nicer, being about 1hr 30 mins, but the imprint is 100% instant, exactly the same as the people who first had this problem at the start of November. 

Am I looking at something drastic such as x10 mature and x20 cuddleinterval, or similar, in order to get the maths to work out again, or will this just screw the time for cuddles and end up with 0 imprinting opportunities. I know the answer is out there! @Gunnsen probably has it but I know he's tired of replying xD


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Hi all, I'm new to Ark and playing single player. I would love to have as easy breeding as possible, to get all dinos to imprint 100% as fast as possible. I don't mind if it pops to 100% on first imprint.

But all the old guides are invalid now. So I would love to try all these settings shared here but I don't understand the numbers. On the Ark the sliders on advanced settings go from 0,001 or somethinh to 6 - so what does maturation 145 mean? Or "Baby Mature Speed 50", "Egg Hatch Speed 30".

And Baby Cuddle Interval 0.0232 ? I can't control the sliders very specifically.

I have trouble understanding the maths behind all this but it feels extra confusing now that something changed.

I would appreciate some help so I can get the settings to nice and easy again now that the update raptored it up...

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Maturation 60

Cuddle interval 0.028( work even with 30 maturation)

Every cuddle arround 12 minutes,100% imprint on everything if u have all necesary things the baby want :d

Even work with any of their events or any event u want to set in your server,maybe easter ev on xmas :))

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I am still having issues with this even with the math 


My current server 

Maturation 45x 

Cuddle 0.015 ( 8 Second timer ) 



By the math new timer should be 0.159 thats not it either still saying 1hr 30 minutes 

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On 11/14/2019 at 8:29 AM, Gunnsen said:

It will still give you way to much affinity. The problem is not that we cannot set good intervals anymore, you just need to multiply your old CuddleIntervalMultiplier with you MaturationSpeedMultiplier to get the same intervals as before the patch. The problem is that the amount of affinity is miscalculated.


I am tired to explain it again and again 😄 All the information you need to understand the problem is in this thread. I will wait for some official announcement if this will be fixed. My first approach to get a Wildcard Dev to take a look at it resulted in the answer that the change is wanted and there is nothing wrong with it. I hope some devs read this thread and at least try to understand the problem...

@Gunnsen Ok I assume the 8 that you multiply is the normal hours it takes to imprint correct ? 


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