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pvp ⚡️Do you think you can become Alpha? ⚡️

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⚡️Do you think you can become Alpha? ⚡️

 ⚡Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become Alpha? Join our server & try your luck!⚡


(Ark Mobile Unofficial Server - iOS & Android)


  • Server Name: nARKotic
  • Max Tribe Limit: 14
  • Game Type: PvP - Brutal - NA Servers
  • Boosted Rates: Casual, 2x XP, 3x Harvest, 4x Hatching, 5x Maturing, & Tribe Imprint


Upon joining the server we offer a 

⚡Start Kit⚡(which includes the following)

  • First 50 Levels
  • Metal Tools
  • A Set of Flak

(We also match your level to another server if transferring)


We hope you’ll enjoy our positive, great, awesome community of both players & staff. (Admins are not allowed to play, only to help out players, & clean up any raided base throughout the server, therefore keeping the server clean of abuse, friendly & fun!)


Feel free to join our discord, to verify for your free starter kit, as well as talk amongst other players!




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