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I think Ark should have the Atlas building system!



I think ark should have the atlas building system!

i love Ark and i kinda like atlas

but in IMO one thing atlas did that i really love that Ark should add is the building!

here's the things it does that make me want it!


Able to turn pipes into whatever shape you want like Slope , vertical etc

Able to make walls into doorways , windows frames , half walls , half door frame , left and right sloped walls and Railings 

able to turn foundations into Triangle foundations 

able to stack foundations 

better fence support 

able to turn cellings into triangle ceilings and trap doors roofs

able to turn Sloped roofs into. Stares , rampes , sloped roofs, curved roofs and Sloped Door ways.



and much more but i still like arks like the ability to make foundations into Solid ones. but these are IMO 



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19 minutes ago, soepie7 said:

Like the others said, the main problem is that such an overhaul would be easy if Wildcard could just wipe all saves, but that is obviously not a good solution. It would be nice however if Wildcard would look into the possibility of this mechanic.

i didn't really think about that. so now i kinda understand

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2 minutes ago, Aylana314159 said:

It's too late for something like this without a complete wipe for everyone. Or the introduction of even more building pieces but keep the old ones, leading to more cluster of engram screen and even bigger game size.

i say this cuz 


1: it would be a bit more convente (at least for me)


2: it would lighten the cost for engrames a bit and for solo player like me who doesn't really trust people its really costly to get at least good structure (mostly in PVP)


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