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pvp [🔹LFG's RisingsArk Gaming Community][PvE + PvP][XP3/H2/T5/B10][Valg

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~Who are we?~
RisingsArk, Official partner of LFG House.
Risings Ark brings you features that are close to Vanilla, with mods aimed towards convenience and diverse building.
Risings Safehouse first started out with a group of friends and over the last couple of years the Discord has expanded to over 150 like minded gamers from all different games forming the friendly 18+ community it is today.
In the start of 2019 Risings Safehouse decided to host an Ark server and because of this success we decided to expand our server in to a cluster.
Join us now:
Direct join link: steam://connect/
Hope + Eternal Ark
Direct join link steam://connect/
Discord [discord.gg]
We have fully integrated Discord chat into Ark with cross server support.
Visit our Website RisingsArk [www.RisingsArk.com]
Want to support us on our Patreon? Patreon [www.patreon.com]
~Server Information:~
Map Valguero (Dino maxLevel 300) (PvP)
Hope Map w/Ark Eternal Core mod (Dino maxLevel 600) (PvE)
PvP + PvE
  • XP x 3 (PvP x 2)
  • Harvesting x 4 (PvP x 2)
  • Mating/Hatching/maturing/breeding x 10
  • Taming x 5
Hosting Dedicated server technical specifications:
  • Custom Dedicated Server Hardware (Shared Hosting Game Server)
  • CPU Installed: Single i7-7700K, Speed of up to 4.7GHz.
  • RAM Installed: 64GB DDR4, Speed of 2400MHz.
  • Drives Installed: 2, 450GB NVME, Ran in Software RAID 1. (Faster than SSD storage)
  • Advanced Game DDOS Protection
Location: France, Everyone around NL, UK, GER. has around 12 ping. US is around 30.
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