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pvp [PC PvP Cluster] Genesis ARK - 8 Man - 5XP/5H/10T/7M - Season 2 11/09

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[PC PvP Cluster] Genesis ARK - 8 Man - 5XP/5H/10T/7M - Season 2 11/09

PvP Season 2 - Fresh Wipe Saturday, November 9th
Compete for Season Champs, and the chance to win end of season prizes, a Discord title, and a spot in Valhalla!
Frequent events on our event server, with in game prizes as a reward!
Limited OGS and S+
5 Hours between Imprints
Active admin team
Launch date of our upcoming Duo Tribe PvP cluster and PvE cluster TBD
8 Player Tribes
Full Cluster
5x Harvesting
5x XP
10x Taming
7x Maturation
.8x Mating Interval
5 Hour Cuddle Timers
Staggered tame release
Staggered Shop Release
Enabled Mods:
1829635965 - HG Plant Z Fix
731604991 - S+ (Limited)
849372965 - HG Stack / 1000 stack 50% weight reduction
566885854 - Death Helper
1262248217 – Tribute Transfer
538827119 - Omnicular
1373937944 - OGS
924619115 - F1 Menu
1669035825 - Cake Fix
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