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pve [PC] [PvEvP] Asgard Awakens(15x S+,HG,Shop,Kits & MORE!

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[PC] [PvEvP] Asgard Awakens(15x S+,HG,Shop,Kits & MORE!

Greetings survivor, I know you are probably busy so I wont waste much of your time; are you an unofficial player looking for an amazing community to enjoy the game with without worrying about looking over your shoulder every 5 seconds? Asgard is the place for you!

PvEvP means we are primary PvE for 2 weeks, then that weekend we switch to PvP so everyone can duke it out! However, we have Tribe War enabled so you can fight whenever you want in a controlled war.

Admins are not toxic or abusive, I myself have a year and a half of experience on this server, its been around for 5 years.

This is a community focused server so we run mods best fit to the communities needs. Have a suggestion? Post it here or at our Discord


  • S+
  • Platforms +
  • HG Stack 5000
  • Immersive Taming
  • Better Mek's ( fixes wildcards in many ways )
  • ECO RP Decor
  • ECO Saddles ( we host events for things like this and other cool stuff! )
  • Server F1 Menu
  • Rare Sightings
  • Castle Keeps 
  • Speed Saddles
  • Super Spyglass
  • TC Autorewards
  • ARK Casino ( yes you can gamble here )

Server Specs:

  • Dual Xeons E-5
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 1GB/s Internet

Discord: https://discord.gg/yDQNVSj

Server Website: https://asgardawakens.wordpress.com/

Steam Page: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/asgardawakens

Join Asgard Awakens today, you will enjoy it I promise! 


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