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pvp [Ps4/unofficialpc/pvp]50× The Kingdom tekdrops/extinction&aberration dinos

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[Ps4/unofficialpc/pvp]50× The Kingdom tekdrops/extinction&aberration dinos

Come join us on valguero we have all the dinos spawning including Griffins, Reaper Queen
max level dino is 300 tameing is boosted along with breeding
player level is 282 with auto engrams and boosted stats to survive in this crazy boosted world
Boosted drops with tek, element, chocolate box and much more 
Come make friends or enemies become alpha and rule the ark
If you think you can survive in 50× The Kingdom tekdrops/extinction&aberration dinos
come join check it out. There is no wipe and it will stay up as long as it stays populated

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