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Any support out there to help with a server stalker & incessant  harassment?
I run an un-official cluster & one of my ex-admins who became highly abusive to the player base is hell bent on causing nothing but disturbance across all of my maps since their status was relinquished. Every time one xbox account is blocked they open another. He's even constantly threaterning to DDOS the servers. He messages me day & night (he has admitted to suffering a little from insomnia) & he constantly messages my family. I have contacted nitrado who i rent the servers from & they have been zero help, apparently they dont have the ability to ban an IP from my servers. Xbox have been a little more helpful & have taken account details to look into but im afraid this wont make a difference he'll more than likely just make several more accounts. I have looked for help from wildcard but apparently as i run unofficial servers i have to contact the server owner - which is me. So basically im completely powerless over this online bully and i have to sit back and allow them to stalk & harass me. Has anybody faced a similar sitation and found light at the end of the tunnel?

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