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pvp [EU] MIA - PVP - 25x H/B/T - CLUSTER - CF - ORP - Win £££ Raiding - Small Tribes

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Most Iconic's PVP | 25x H/B/T | Classic Flyers | Small Tribes | CLUSTER




IF YOU MANAGE TO RAID "Expect Us..." BASE ON RAGNAROK WITH VIDEO PROOF, EACH TRIBE MEMBER WILL RECEIVE £20 STEAM VOUCHER. (6 people = £20 each, 5 people = £25 each, 4 people = £30 each, 3 people = £40 each, 2 people = £60 each & 1 person = the full £120) Good luck.


Our Discordhttps://discord.gg/BT7eDVv

We currently offer a cluster of servers on the following maps:

  • Ragnarok
  • Extinction
  • Valguero

The rates are 25x Harvesting, Breeding & Taming & 25x EXP from Harvesting! 

Offline Raid Protection Is a thing and will activate 30 minutes after the whole tribe is offline. APART FROM THE WEEKENDS (FRIDAY --> MONDAY, 12PM) No ORP will be active during these days.

The tribe limit is: 6.

The alliance limit is: 0. 

The Rules are as followed:

Don't Mesh/Glitch/Exploit on ANY of the Most Iconic servers. If you do you'll be perma banned. 
Make 100% sure you have the SAME tribe name AND tribe members through-out all of the Most Iconic servers. If you do NOT comply you'll be tribe/structure/dino wiped. and/or banned.

 Strictly NO. TEK. ATV. - You'll forever be banned from all servers without any chance what-so-ever of being unbanned.

More rules have been added. Read find them in our discord / Press F1 Ingame.


The Mods are as followed:

  • 1). Editable Server UI, Press F1 when in-game to read the server rules, limitations & update. If you fail to read the rules and end up breaking them, You maybe subjected to a ban hammer e.g. you'll be banned...
  • 2). Structures Plus (S+)
  • 3). Classic Flyers (Just like before ARK Official changed it back in 2017)
  • 4). Better Teleport - Allowing you to move around the map with ease
  • 5). Super Spyglass - Allowing you to check the Torp, HP & Stamina of a dinosaur/person!
  • 6.) Automated ARK because.. you're too busy to make those precious narcotics yourself!
  • 7).Ultra Stack - Allowing you to stack up to 5,000 of the same item meaning you'll have more space for your raiding loot!
  • 8). Backpacks, Small, Medium & Large. Simply craft one and put it in your shield slot allowing you to hold more weight!
  • 9). Rewards Vault, The more time you spend on a server, The more points you get meaning you can purchase reward for you and your tribe mates! 
  • 10). Auto Engram Unlock - Simply learn this free Engram, Pickup a stone, craft the Engram unlocker and boom! You've learnt all the Engrams!
  • 11). Transferable element.

Please note: WE DO NOT WIPE.

We host custom events such as "Find the Admin(s)" & "Raid the Base!" (Check out our discord located here: https://discord.gg/BT7eDVv for more information on these such events)

Thank you and enjoy your stay!

Ragnarok - https://ark-servers.net/server/198629/

Extinction - https://ark-servers.net/server/198627/

Valguero - https://ark-servers.net/server/198628/

Our Discordhttps://discord.gg/BT7eDVv


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