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pvp [PC Server] [FRESH WIPE COMING 11-1] 5 PvP Maps x10all, 6M Tribes

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[PC Server] [FRESH WIPE COMING 11-1] 5 PvP Maps x10all, 6M Tribes
Join the discord for more info: https://discord.gg/PGY86Yd
  • F1 in game had all the server and discord information

  • PvP cluster 10x, which includes 5 maps: Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, The Island & Valguero with map extension

  • Season 6 will begin 11/1/2019 between 7pm-9pm CDT

Server Features:
  • 96 Hours new player protection & post raid protection

  • PvP Deathmatch Arena & Events

  • Kits, shop, & more. Shop points accumulated by time played, no pay to win

  • Offline Guard System for buffs

  • 6m tribe size with 2 allies

  • Anti-mesh enabled

  • S+ Lite: QoL items, most building items disabled


• Steam Connect: PvP Aberration steam://connect/

• Steam Connect: PvP Extinction steam://connect/

• Steam Connect: PvP Ragnarok steam://connect/

• Steam Connect: PvP The Island steam://connect/

• Steam Connect: PvP Valguero with map extension steam://connect/


• Structures Plus (S+) QoL items, most building items disabled

• Awesome Spyglass

• Speedy Saddles for Argent, Quetz (Plat & Reg), Snow Owl, Wyvern, & Griff

• Tools Evolved Lite

• HG Stacks 5000

• Dino Tracker

• Extinction Skins (donors only)

• Custom PvP Arena with rewards

• Offline Guard System : Once the last tribe member on that map has been logged out for 30 minutes, your structures will only take only 12% damage, turrets will shoot with 6x's damage, your NON-passive tames will tak 60% damage, & your passive dinos will only take 0.01% damage if its inventory is empty (can be saddled or with costume, but must be passive with an empty inventory)

Server Configs:

• 10x on taming/breeding/harvesting/exp/maturation/incubation

• Mating interval at .5

• Max player level: 115/145 ascension

• Unlimited mind wipes using Elle's Tequila engram

• Max tribe limit: 6 players and 2 allies

• Character weight stat=1.5

• 150 in range turrets

• Tribe limit for dinos is 500 per tribe per map

• Rag boss drop increased element to balance with other maps: easy 100 , med 300, hard 700

• Max wild dino level 180, Tek dinos 216, and Wyvern/Drakes 228

PvP Structure Decay/Destroy Enabled & PvP Dino Decay/Destroy Enabled

• Gamma changes enabled & Damage numbers disabled


Where is the server located? Is the server on a server farm? What is the servers hardware?

The server is located in Houston, Texas.

It is not on a server farm and is a dedicated Ark Server

System Information- i9-9900KF , 64 GB ram , All drives are NvMe's , ISP x4 , 1gb down / 1 gb up


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