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Community Crunch 204: Mysterious Mysteries, Fear Evolved, and On The Horizon

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Why do you promote self harm on an event dedicated to health? The next time we will be raising funds for your intestine cancer surgery. Why not to do russian roulette then (don't)? What will the kids

why dont u fix this trash event and make purple color actually spawn on more regions and not only ONE like it is now. (only region 4 it seems)

The patch generally release around noon PST.  So in a couple hours still but wouldn't be first time releases were delayed.  

34 minutes ago, Frosty_Ark said:

Fear Evolved 3 Update Broke our Server cluster

The Ice wyvern spawns points are over spawned with fire wyverns x1000 (Rag , Val)

Raptor spawns on Val map is also insane

Server breeding rates are rested to default....

What is the use you release updates and events that brake the current state of the game??


too bad we dont keep the skins when we die!


but im happy that the genesis chronicles lets us keep the skins!  

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10 hours ago, danlillis said:

i doubt the quetzal wont be included because its a fish/scavenger in my book in ark otherwise how will it survive considering it flees from stuff that attack it includeing dilos....... if anything a quetzal and the other pterosaurs should be on the map i'd imagine 

if the quetzal is on genesis i suspect it will be fairly difficult to tame which is the bases of my assumption that it wont be, if genesis is primarily water coupled with the idea the devs more or less stated the giant turtle will be a permanent tame....whos to say most of genesis will have much access to a sky for a quetzal to fly around in? 

imagine if you will having to submerge and surface in underground cave areas that do have a sky access yet are isolated in a way one can not fly to and from rather having to submerge under the water - under the mountains to access the next. think of the pearl cave on rag - thats one biome but the mountains surrounding it can not be flown over....sky box limitations               

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12 hours ago, HighFlyer15 said:

Remember when a tease used to be something exciting, like a creature ?

Wow.. ARK isn't JUST about the creatures, sure it has a big impact on the game but items are still super exciting! Also we have gotten multiple teasers for creatures so far (Three I believe).  There is no need to be like this so just don't.

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Even after latest patch spawn problems persist. To be more precise PURPLE dinos do not spawn properly. Purple spawns only in REGION 4 .

But hey theres still hope. Maybe, if we are lucky, very lucky, by the last day of event you finally manage to fix and deploy patch number 43 which will fix purple spawning issues and after over a year since the last time when we were able to tame purple we get to do it again.

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15 hours ago, Allorex216 said:

Why dont you fix this trash person who is projecting his problems onto the devs

Why toxic ? He says true 

Uptade for update for update and évent Still broken and

And purple only Spawn on région 4 this IS a constation 

Évent had started since a week now 

So u Can keep ur réflexion for u

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